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Case Study: IPEC Provides Polymer Solution Pump for Customer NFM

NFM is an innovative provider of extrusion systems and solutions. In order to meet a variety of production demands for the rubber and plastics industries, they found themselves in need of a pump that could accurately inject high viscosity polymer solutions at high flow rates into a twin screw extruder, a system that includes a set of two parallel screws that continuously rotate inside of a barrel. 

As raw material moves along the barrel, it can be mixed, cooked, heated, cooled, and pumped by the two screws. This particular manufacturing process requires performant and flexible pumps that can adapt to a variety of production demands.

After being an Industrial Pump & Equipment (IPEC) customer for many years using the Milton Roy mRoy and Milroyal series of pumps, NFM approached IPEC when the flows and pressures required to pump polymer rose beyond the typical applications of existing pumps. 

This challenge is what brought NFM, Milton Roy, and Industrial Pump & Equipment together.